Nishi Munshi nude – Californication s07e03 (2014)

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Nishi Munshi in the clamp is seen standing in front of the stud who was sitting on the sofa and talking to her. Nishi Munshi was clothed in splendid floral designer single dress and was seen chatting to the guy about some matter. She looked indeed sumptuous in that dress with her curves being obvious. While talking to the stud, she walks in the direction of a bit near dude and all of a unexpected pulls her cleavage a bit making her left bap come out from the dress and making him see her tit. As she was flashing him her melon, the guy was holding her hand and then all of a unexpected a guy comes from behind seeing them holding each other`s mitt and with her boob being nude. The clip has been taken from the tv serial named Californication which was pulled out in the year 2014. Nishi Munshi demonstrated her tits and did fantastic seducing figure also.

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