Angeli Khang, Sab Aggabao - Eva (2021)

  • 43:59
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Angeli Khang nude lying on her back on a bed and fantasizing first imagining Sab Aggabao topless having sex with a guy on the bed near her. She then imagines herself in Sab's place, also showing bare breasts as she has sex with the guy. Her fantasies then continue with Sab having lesbian sex with some girls, Angeli then joining in for an all-girl threesome with Sab, and finally ending with Angeli and Sab having a threesome with a guy. Sab Aggabao lying naked in bed when Angeli Khang enters the room, Angeli standing by the door and averting her gaze as Sab gets out of bed and walks into a bathroom. We see Sab showering, touching her breasts as she shows full-frontal nudity.

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