Elizabeth Cervantes nude – Oscura Seduccion (2010)

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Elizabeth Cervantes in the clip is seen eliminating her clothes while standing in her washroom. She eliminates her trouser, then top and bra and after it opens the tap of her bath bathtub and then opens her panty too and all of a sudden when she was about to step inside the bath, someone switches off the light making her get startled of something. She wraps a towel on her assets and comes outside the washroom to observe who it was. Suddenly a man clad in something like plaything clothed in mask over her figure throws her and then she inserts outside her house wrapping the only towel on her figure. The man with sword runs behind her and stands beside her and when he was about to kill Elizabeth Cervantes suddenly the lights around him gets on and she runs while the man remains stand there. The pinch has been taken from the vid named Oscura Temptation which was flagellated out around in the year 2003. Elizabeth Cervantes looks killer in the video in those g-string and boulder-holder pair.

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