Sydney Sweeney, Cait Alexander, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Blessing Adedijo - The Voyeurs (2021)

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Sydney Sweeney nude showing some side boob as we get a peek through a partially opened curtain in a dressing room as she tries on some lingerie. Cait Alexander stripping down to her panties as she poses for a photographer who then walks over to put his arms around her from behind and grab her breast. We get a view through some binoculars as the guy then leads Cait into a bedroom where we see her naked sitting on the bed. Sydney Sweeney is holding the binoculars and leaning over a sofa as another guy lifts her skirt up to have sex with her from behind, mimicking what Sydney is watching. Cait is naked on all fours as her guy has sex with her on the bed before finally we see Cait from the side as she rides him. Natasha Liu Bordizzo being watched through an apartment window as a guy drops her skirt, revealing blue thong panties. The guy then carries her to a kitchen and places her on the island, lifting her hips to show her butt from the side as he slides her panties off and then has sex with her while standing between her legs. Blessing Adedijo being photographed by a guy in an apartment as she is topless with a thick necklace hanging down over her breasts to cover her nipples. The guy then shows her some of the pictures in his camera before she walks across the room and takes the necklace off, baring her breasts. She then begins to put on a shirt but instead puts her arms around the guy and kisses him, still topless as she leans back in a leather chair as she prepares for the guy to go down on her.

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