Elena Satine naked – Magic City s02e07 (2013)

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Elena Satine in the tweak is seen welcoming her male counterpart inside the room and when he comes she welcomes him with quite beautiful smirk and also makes a cup of coffee for him. She comes out and talks to him while clothed in a short top and mini-skirt just to make an impression her from which the boy can easily witness the boobs and when she mitts over the coffee to the guy, she opens her short micro-skirt and makes the fellow witness her vulva in the panty. The man watches being astonished and holds her butt and then kisses her titties and removes her g-cable down and then we got to observe the booties of Elena Satine being so plump and spectacular. Her booty crack can be seen sore stellar. In the next cutting video, we got to witness Elena Satine being nude and ultra-kinky getting nailed by her male playmate and was fully nude and luving the showcase as she was on the top of her male partner all of a unexpected there comes the man who said to be Elena Satine boyfriend and he disturbs them having hump and she bellows at him being rude to the fellow who plowed her. The pin here has been taken from the movie named Magic City which was aired on the television sets in the year 2013. Elena Satine displayed her boobs and killer bootie in the tweak while getting pounded.

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