Laura Gemser nude – International Prostitution (1980)

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Laura Gemser in the pin is seen coming in the direction of the couch while dressed in a entire floral assets. She opened the gown and stood naked in front of the fellow with a flower in her hairs. She looked absolutely magnificent and wondrous with her breasts plump and curved and were mediums sized lush tits with her puffies being firm and her bootie being plump and old-school upfront. Laura Gemser was farther seen in the bath with her masculine fucking partner fondling on his back. The dude stands up and then hugs her and fellates her neck and her bumpers also while standing in the bathtub bath and then also opens inhales her cunny down there. She was farther seen bring champagne and fruits for the fellow who was sitting on the couch and laid on it. She gives fruits like grapes to him and also bj's his lips and smooches him. The woman while pouring champagne on the boy’s figure tosses some on the pecs and then she deepthroats it. Laura Gemser deep throats the pecs of the dude and then takes a ring in her forearms and glides it on his assets making him kittle a bit and then bj's his man rod down there and the fellow then also bj's her titties and neck and porks her also making her breasts wag in the air. The clamp has been taken from the video named International Prostitution which was pulled out in the yr 1980. Laura Gemser flashed her super-sexy hairs and her sumptuous butt while getting plumbed and loving the sexual elations.

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