Pam Grier nude – Hit Man (1972)

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Pam Grier in the clamp is seen dressed in a ebony utter sleeves sundress with her hairs beige curled. She liquidates the locks and opens her sundress and heads naked and then heads on the couch where her masculine fucking partner was laid naked. She ambles with her enormous tits that were truly ample and were even monstrous. Her titties can be sensed so wondrous and sexy warm and even can be seen being so mind-blowing and super hot. Her puffies being erected. Her color looks so fine. She laids on the sofa on the torso of her masculine playmate and heads down to him and gives him a sexy deep throat. She then can be seen getting pulverized from her masculine colleague with her coochie being poked by her masculine fucking partner in the old-school missionary fashion. The tweak displayed them getting smashed and lovin’ it too. Pam Grier displayed her spectacular breasts and splendid donks also getting penetrated. The video Pin that they were witnessing displayed them liking the flash too. The tweak has been taken from the flick named Strike Stud which was pulled out in the yr 1972.

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