The Witcher nude

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nya Chalotra, Jade Croot, in s01e01-06 (2019). Anya Chalotra nude as she has sex with a guy while over a dozen people stand nearby in a cave and watch, applauding as Anya and the guy finish. We see Anya's left breast as she is in the guy's lap first, then we see bare butt and more breasts from the side as she is on top of the guy. The latter nudity is likely provided by a body double, as Anya has said in an interview one was used in this scene. Jade Croot naked on her side on the floor partially covered in an oily substance and a bit of blood. A guy comes over to check on her and she begins to attack him, rolling around on the floor and biting him. She then backs away and we see her left breast as she sits against some stone.

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