Rose Van Ginkel, Rob Guinto, Jela Cuenca - Boy Bastos (2022)

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Rose Van Ginkel nude making out with a guy as they lower her blue dress to reveal her impressive cleavage in a strapless black bra and then remove the bra exposing her large breasts as they continue to kiss while he reaches around grabbing and feeling her breasts before they have sex at first with her on top siting up in his lap showing her ass and then with her fully nude on her back as he kisses her and kisses and licks her stomach until finally we see them cuddling after finishing. Rob Guinto showing some impressive cleavage in a beaded bra as she performs on stage with some unknown women dancing and talking on the microphone before sitting down in a chair and performing various stunts with her vagina including shooting an apple at a guy, removing increasingly absurdly large items out of it, and then finally opening a beer bottle with her vagina and pouring it into a pitcher, all during a comedic scene. Jela Cuenca seen in a wild and energetic sex scene with a guy as they move around the room having sex in various positions including underneath him, in a sex swing with him behind her, riding him while holding on to her breasts for quite a while, and then finally on her back again bouncing back and forth all as she loudly cries out and moans as it cuts between Jela having sex with the guy and shots of him sitting with Rose Van Ginkel as Rose talks him through the sex with Jela and helps him improve.

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