Jessica Lowe, Trishna, Courtney Hawkins, Kim Senser, Ophelia Lovibond - Minx s01e01-02 (2022)

  • 5:45
  • 14 373
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Kim Senser nude first seen bent over a desk wearing just a schoolgirl's skirt that is around her waist, revealing her bare butt. Jessica Lowe stands behind her, wearing an unbuttoned cardigan as she holds a paddle and the girls pose for photographs on the set of a photoshoot. Kim then stands up and faces Jessica, her bare breasts in view with a tie hanging between them as the two girls also talk to the director of the photoshoot. Trishna nude wearing nothing but a pair of leather chaps as she stands against a desk smoking a cigarette, showing her breasts and bush next to another girl who is in a bra and panties.

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