Victoria Pedretti nude - YOU s03e01-08 (2021)

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Victoria Pedretti nude in an upstairs hallway as a guy pushes her up against the wall and then has sex with her while standing behind her all as he holds a pair of panties in his hand and as she moans. Tati Gabrielle of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fame having a guy unbutton her white dress and kneel in front of her before they have sex with her in a pink bra riding him and grinding against him as she moans and breathes heavily. Shalita Grant on a bed kissing around a guy's chest and stomach as Victoria Pedretti and another guy stand in the bedroom watching them and then Shalita pushing him down onto a bed and pulling his pants off as she grabs a condom and then squats above him while slowly inserting him into her before she has loud sex with her moaning and crying out while riding him on the bed and grinding against him all as Victoria and the other guy continue to watch until suddenly Victoria has had enough and calls out a safe word causing Shalita to roll off of the guy she's having sex with.

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