Agathe Rousselle nude – Titane (2021)

  • 38:10
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Agathe Rousselle showering fully nude and then walking out of the room and into a warehouse. She shows bare butt and full-frontal nudity as she makes her way over to a parked car, climbing into the back seat. We then see Agathe writhing in pleasure as she "has sex" with the car, showing more of her bare breasts as she lays back in the back seat with her legs spread and her arms wide and wrapped in the seat belts. Garance Marillier making out with Agathe Rousselle as the two girls lay down outside at night. Garance's shrt is hiked up and we see her breasts as Agathe begins to lick Garance's pierced nipple. Agathe then licks more and more energetically before sucking on Garance's nipple and putting Garance's piercing between her teeth, pulling and stretching Garance's nipple until Garance tells her to stop as it begins to hurt.

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