Leonor Varela nude - Deseo (2013)

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Leonor Varela nude outside in a playground as a soldier pushes her up against some rope netting and hikes up her pink maid's dress and then has sex while behind her as she holds on top the rope. Leonor Varela seen in a long sequence as she starts out trying to seduce a guy by bending over in a low cut pink maid's outfit teasing him with her cleavage and then has him pick her up and set her down on a table as he drops his towel revealing his naked body to her before we see him lying naked on his stomach as she takes oil and massages him running her hands over his back and ass. She then pulls out a condom and starts fumbling with it only to have him take her and pull her on top of him as they begin having sex as she rides him on the ground giving us close up looks at her face and the top of her chest from the side as well as looks at the sides of the large breasts of a body double as seen from behind.

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