Adele Raes, Giulia Martina Faggioni - Eva Braun (2015)

  • 14:41
  • 6 484
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Adele Raes nude showing her breasts and bush along with Gabriella Riva, Federica Fracassi, Giulia Martina Faggioni, and two guys who are all rolling around naked on top of each other and running their hands over their bodies until finally they finish and lie there still naked together on a plastic tarp while the camera zooms out. Adele is the one curled around the man in the center's head Giulia Martina Faggioni (AKA Giulia Faggioni) starting out facing away from the camera kneeling topless with a red dress around her waist and a red hammer and sickle painted on her back as a guy walks up to her and turns her to face him showing her breasts and then undoes his robe and starts playing with himself before we see a close up of her face as he ejaculates black ink all over it and is then seen lying dead on the ground as Giulia wipes the ink off her face and Susanna Giaroli and a guy rush in to check on him. Also in the scene are Gabriella Riva kneeling fully nude and blindfolded on the left and having the guy make her cover her bush, Federica Fracassi tied naked to another guy in the back with rope, and Adele Raes kneeling in a dog costume giving us upskirt looks at her panties.

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