Lydia Cornell nude - Blood Tide (1982)

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Lydia Cornell nude wearing skimpy shorts and a cropped white tank top that leaves the bottom of her breasts exposed as she walks onto the sand at a beach and begisn to exercise on a mat. The shirt shows pokey nipples as well and some guys watch as Lydia lies on her side and does leg lifts. She the stands up and peels off the shirt, showing her bare back and some side boob as she jogs into the water to swim. She thne turns around notices the guys watching, crossing her arms over her chest. Lydia then swims away and we get a view from underwater of her white bikini bottoms and more side boob as something mysterious swims toward her. Deborah Shelton nude swimming in the ocean wearing a white dress that gets soaked, showing her nipples through as she runs her hands over her chest.

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