Adriana Butoi, Desiree Malonga, Simon Petric, Jennifer Lyons, Kommerina Deyoung - Transylmania (2009)

  • 6:56
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Jennifer Lyons wearing a blue cheerleader outfit as she dances for a football player and flirts with him on the sideline before he walks over to her and accidentally knocks her to the ground and then climbs on her and kisses her and has very brief sex all while Jennifer gives us some glimpses of her blue bloomers under her cheerleading skirt. Simon Petric seen in a montage of scenes showing a lot of cleavage in a red dress before finally showing her breasts as she has sex with a guy while riding him on a bed all as Adriana Butoi, Desiree Malonga and Radita Rosu stand around them topless behind some netting. Desiree Malonga (black bra and black thong), Adriana Butoi (red top) and Radita Rosu (black top) standing around a guy and then removing their clothes and dancing topless around him giving us a long look at their breasts all while Jennifer Lyons wanders around with them showing cleavage in a red dress.