Brenda Strong, Raye Hollitt, Chelsea Field, Heidi Paine - Skin Deep (1989)

  • 6:08
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Brenda Strong nude of Desperate Housewives fame giving us a good look at her left breast as she makes out with a guy by a fireplace and has him pour champagne on her chest and then lick it off before feeling her breast a bit. Raye Hollitt (best known for her role as Zap in the original American Gladiators) removing her robe to reveal a black thong bikini as she poses for a guy and flexes her muscles and then walking over to him and removing her bikini giving us a look at her ass and her right breast as she climbs into bed with him before kissing him and then kissing down his chest. Chelsea Field nude seen in the distance sitting on a bed and fiddling with her black robe until at the end she starts to remove it giving us a brief glimpse of her left breast and nipple. Heidi Paine nude having a guy open a shower door to reveal her fully nude body as she stands under the water and then talking with him for quite a while until he walks into the shower and kisses her.

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