Evan Rachel Wood, Julia Sarah Stone - Allure (2017)

  • 6:33
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Evan Rachel Wood (30 y.o.) and Julia Sarah Stone (non nude) from nude scenes in Allure (2017). From first clip Evan gives a dude a handjob and then gets on top of him on a bed, giving us a nice look at her boot as she rides him. Then we have a several hot lesbian scenes with Evan and Julia. From next scene Evan rides a dude on a bed, showing off her boot, though she has a patch on over her hairy pussy (probably merkin) which we see as she is attacked. Another scene brings looks at her perky pair of tits when she phone from the bathroom with her bathrobe open. From last shot Evan strips off her shirt, revealing her boobs as she pulls Julia toward her and removes her shirt, showing Julia's left breast! They then embrace each other on the couch for a good long while.

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