Leigh Harris nude, Lynette Harris nude – Sorceress (1982)

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In the clamp shown above were seen two sweeties named Leigh Harris and Lynette Harris, both the femmes flashed their jaw-pulling down body including their full frontal nude figure and their boobies while standing together. The tweak begins with both the chicks named Leigh Harris and Lynette Harris getting bathed and swimming inside a water explosion or lake like something being completely nude showing us their breasts and full frontal and back nude figures while they were in the lake. The pin demonstrates someone witnessing them secretly with meaty hairs and strong moustaches on their face. It looked like someone with many hairs on his body. The stud or the creature talks to them to come out. Both the dolls then go outside and kicks the man with so many hairs and they also punch him making him injured while the person runs while getting hurt. Both the women flashed their tits that were large and intense while getting and clothed in their clothes and we also got to watch their tits. The clamp has been taken from the flick named Sorceress which was let outed in the year 1982.

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