Jenny Allford, Raven Lexy naked – Sleeping Beauty (2014)

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Jenny Allford and Raven Lexy are both seen in the clip displaying their titties in different cut vids in the video from which clip has been flogged out. The tweak displayed both the girls showing their bumpers and killer bodies making their viewers sense firm down there. The pin embarks with Jenny Alford who can be seen clad in a frock dress in church like something. She walks in the direction of something looking like a chubby wheel while a creature comes from outside with mask over his face and picks Jenny Alford and takes her with him. Further the tweak demonstrated Raven Lexy removing her clothes and making us view the magnificent titties of Jenny Allford in the tweak. In the pin, further, we also got to observe Raven Lexy removing her dress while standing and clothed in protective shield type clothes on her assets. The pin has been taken from the movie named Sleeping Sweetie which was lashed out in the year 2014. Both the dolls named Jenny Allford and Raven Lexy showcased their supah-cool and supah-luxurious breasts while performing in the tweak.

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