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sexy girls scenes FREE on PartyCelebs. Watch 16 celebrity sexy girls videos collection. Example Bree Mills is an award-winning film director, writer and producer for Gamma Entertainment. As Chief Creative Officer at Adult Time, she leverages art, sexuality, sex, and cinema to trojan-horse powerful messages into the hearts and minds of her audience. Mills has been mostly recognized as providing a platform for performers to explore deeper psychological aspects of their personality or their past. Through a creative process, Bree Mills empowers men and women by giving them a platform to shine and to move past the negative stigmas surrounding sexuality and the sex industry, allowing them to evolve into their full potential. Having begun her career in adult entertainment in 2009 and prior to becoming a film director, Bree Mills studied the way the market consumed their adult content and has created a movement by taking a 'for the viewer, by the viewer' approach and creating content requested and curated by consumers. In addition to the critically acclaimed Teenage Lesbian, she has notably directed several videos for the True Lesbian, Girlcore, Future Darkly, Shape of Beauty and We Like Girls series. With Bree Mills as a film director, adult entertainment goes a step beyond and proves with her bold and creative edge that she has the ability to play on the edges of legitimate production and is reshaping the future of the industry as a whole..